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Are You Ready?!?
School is almost upon us...the first day is right around the corner...make the most of this year!

2014-15 Yearbooks are HERE...But not for LONG
Get your yearbook FAST! There are only 4 books left - get them before they are gone. We will not reorder, so if you snooze, you lose! Contact Mrs. Scheimer for your book. $25.00

Play of the Game
Edgar Valenzuela stiff-arm’s a Natoma blocker, darting past to score the first touchdown of the game. The Coyote’s won, scoring 75 points against the Bulldog’s 25 points.

Play of the Game
Peter Cress, senior, dodges a tackle, looking out for other defenders. The Coyotes played the Wheatland-Grinnell Thunderhawks on the 11th, with a final score of 44 – 28, in favor the Thunderhawks.

Play of the Game
Layne Miller sprints down the field, ball under arm, to score a touch down. Last Friday, the Coyotes played the Western Plains Bobcats, winning 72-22.

Fish Tale
Ariana takes fishing to a new level, while Mrs. Walker looks on.

Homecoming Spirit Week
Dress up days are in full swing! The students (and skeletons) went all out this year.

Homecoming Royalty
Peter Cress and McKenna Hale were crowned King & Queen of the 2015 Homecoming festivities!

All for One, One for All
The team comes together before a game - it's been a tough season, but their support for one another is ongoing!

Bright Beginnings!
The 7th Grade Scholars Bowl team brought home a First Place plaque, for their win in Golden Plains. Congratulations!

Veterans Day Program RESCHEDULED!
The annual Veterans Day program in Weskan has been rescheduled for Thursday, November 12, at 10:45 a.m. Please note the change and plan accordingly!

Fall Frolic
Kids of all ages had a blast at Fall Frolic. Between all the different activities going on, everyone got in a great day of fun!

Basketball is Underway
The 2015-16 basketball season tipped-off last week! Come support your Coyotes this season, as they make a run for the State competition.

Time for Christmas Cheer!
The Preschool students kept their hands toasty warm during the chilly evening of the Christmas program! After the program, Santa made a stop to drop off gifts to each and every one attending.

Artist in Residence
Dr. Monte Selby joined the students at Weskan Schools, teaching them about setting goals and how to attain them!

School Can be Fun!
Students take in the important message from Dr. Selby, while laughing at his many jokes!

Coyote Pride Through and Through
Jenna shows her might, while cheering during a recent Basketball game. We've got spirit...do you?!?

We Have Lights!
The new scoreboards were dedicated over the past weekend. Thank you to The Eastern Colorado Bank for the generous donation.

Who Will You Vote For?
The Campaign season is underway and our halls are filled with political propaganda! Which team of Seniors will you vote for?

Jump Ball
We congratulate both of our basketball teams on their winning seasons!

Spring Snow
Zach and Blakely take a minute to measure the size of the snowflakes that fell. The ground was covered with snow in 6 minutes, flat!

Spring Break in Orlando!
The Senior Class headed to Orlando, Florida for Spring Break. They enjoyed several theme parks, the beach, shopping, and eating.

Leader of the Pack - Kenli Murphy
We wish our seniors well, as the final weeks of school fly by!

Leader of the Pack - Peter Cress
We wish our seniors well as the last few weeks of school fly by!

Leader of the Pack - McKenna Hale
We wish our seniors well as the final weeks of school fly by!

Layne Miller and Ashley Clyncke were crowned Prom King and Queen. The theme this year was "Promopoly", based on the game Monopoly!

Leader of the Pack - Emma Brown
We wish our seniors well as they finish the last few weeks of High School!

Leader of the Pack - Nancy Valenzuela
We wish our seniors well as they finish the last few weeks of High School!

Leader of the Pack - Layne Miller
We wish our seniors well as the last 2 weeks of school wind down.