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Are You Ready?!?
School is almost upon us...the first day is right around the corner...make the most of this year!

2014-15 Yearbooks are HERE...But not for LONG
Get your yearbook FAST! There are only 4 books left - get them before they are gone. We will not reorder, so if you snooze, you lose! Contact Mrs. Scheimer for your book. $25.00

Play of the Game
Edgar Valenzuela stiff-arm’s a Natoma blocker, darting past to score the first touchdown of the game. The Coyote’s won, scoring 75 points against the Bulldog’s 25 points.

Play of the Game
Peter Cress, senior, dodges a tackle, looking out for other defenders. The Coyotes played the Wheatland-Grinnell Thunderhawks on the 11th, with a final score of 44 – 28, in favor the Thunderhawks.

Play of the Game
Layne Miller sprints down the field, ball under arm, to score a touch down. Last Friday, the Coyotes played the Western Plains Bobcats, winning 72-22.

Fish Tale
Ariana takes fishing to a new level, while Mrs. Walker looks on.

Homecoming Spirit Week
Dress up days are in full swing! The students (and skeletons) went all out this year.